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The Rainbow Meadow™ Essential Oil Blend Database™ and Soap Calculator™ have been removed from our site due to security violations and hacking via manual copying and sql injection, and repeated attempts at logging in directly to our Administrative area and back-end database.

Although encrypted customer information was not violated, we have reviewed our logfiles and completed security traceroutes, which allowed us to pinpoint the responsible parties and the data they were able to obtain.

Sadly, one of the parties seriously involved in violating our database is part of the community of soapcrafters, who ignored our legal notice, our site polices and terms of use and put our administrative operation at risk. Our proprietary data in the blends database was compromised and at least one individual managed to obtain partial contents of the database.

It is primarily due to their actions that these tools have been removed from public access.

Subsequently, the business decision was made to remove these tools entirely until such time as they can be brought up to current standard.

Rainbow Meadow™, Inc. takes these violations seriously and will actively pursue anyone who is found to be party to giving and/or receiving pilfered copies of any of our proprietary materials and intellectual property. For your own protection, do not accept offers from other parties of 'Rainbow Meadow™' branded data.

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